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Hush Puppies Upbeat are ultimate walking shoes which have stunning comfort to offer. These walking shoes have sporty silhouette and they are made from the rich materials to deliver superior durability. The premium built quality of these shoes ensure that you every step is loaded with maximum comfort and you get long lasting wear. These shoes have the upper made from the leather which offers soft and comfortable fit. The upper has tiny piercings on the top to allow breathability so that the interior stay maximize fresh and cool. The upper also has the cushioned tongue and collar to keep your feet stress free and this cushioning also prevent lace bruises. The upper has the lace up closure which allows you to customized the fastening to get snug and perfect fit. The interior of these shoes is lined to ensures fresh, odorless and healthy by drawing the moisture off them. The lining enables you to wear these shoes for long time and walk without worrying about abrasion or bruises. The footbed has been cushioned from heel to toe to deliver evenly distributed comfort to your feet. The footbed can also be removed and you can replace it with your customized orthotics. These shoes have the Bounce Technology used in their construction which deliver shocks absorbing as you walk. This technology disperses the shocks upon impact and return extra bounce to make your walking easier and more comfortable. These shoes also have the Comfort Curve Technology which add more comfort with your each stride and it allows you to walk longer distances with superior comfort and support. These shoes have flexible and lightweight outsole which ensures long lasting wear. The outsole has been designed to provide grip on different types of wet and dry surfaces for slip free, secure and sturdy stride. These shoes are ideal for those people who have to stay on their feet for longer time. The comfort level of these shoes is so high that you will want to wear these shoes everyday. You can find this style in these colors: White Leather, Stone Leather and Black Leather.





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Joan W. from North Bloomfield, Ohio

When I needed to start using orthotics, my doctor recommended I get a good athletic shoe to use with them. When I tried shoes at the store, I saw this shoe was very comfortable and would suit my needs perfectly, and I have worn them ever since, for years. I also recommended them to my daughter, who is a teacher and is on her feet a lot. We wear them most of the time. Incidentally, the clerk at the store said it was the only shoe her mother would wear. Besides being comfortable on the feet, they seem to support my legs, and keep them from aching. As far as I am concerned, they are the best all around shoe.

MaryPK from Oklahoma

I have been wearing these shoes for years. I have wide feet and plantar fasciitis, so I need a shoe that comes in wide width and will accommodate an orthotic. These have a removable foot bed that I can exchange for my orthotic. I've tried all three colors and like them all (although I'm not crazy about the reflective patch on the back of the heel, but it would be good for night walking). I've never found another casual walking shoe that is so comfortable, so good looking and so decently priced. And they seem to last forever.

Marie from Vergas, MN

I suffer with fallen arches. I usually only wear New Balance athletic shoes, but friends of mine said they always buy from this brand (they are beauticians and on their feet all day). I thought I would give them a try as I wanted something not as casual as athletic shoes for work. I have to wear orthotics. I found these shoes did not have the extra room I needed for that purpose. When I first starting wearing them they felt ok, but as the day went on, I had so much pain in my feet that I finally had to take them off. I feel I need shoes that have a lot more rubber on the bottom for cushioning.

Kim from Corvallis, Oregon

The first time I ordered these shoes from you was after knee surgery. I'd worn these shoes before but the store where I bought them went out of business. I found some other shoes that worked but they weren't that I'd grown to love. When I was on crutches I went back to wearing my almost worn out dependable shoe. I wear these shoes almost daily - very comfortable. When they start to show signs that they need a good rest, I wait for a good website sale and get my self another pair to have available.

Sheryl from Tacoma, WA

I have been buying this shoe for over 10 years and have always been well pleased with it. It has always been true to size. Once I was sized I was able to just buy it off the shelf. I have always worn white, and years ago they had a black suede version which was great for dressing up the casual outfit. Would love to see that make a come back. It holds up well and offers good support to my whole foot. A pair can easily last me a year under daily wear. I really appreciate that fact since I can no longer find it in a local store and have had to order it on line for the last 2 years.


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